Travel Tips in Beijing

All about the Travel tips when you decide to come to China

First of all, before your traveling, you have to follow up the news of the weather report and get some knowledge about  the local  climate generally. China is a big country with diverse territory. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Shenzhen is different from each other. So, please put into your luggage a set of clothing that would defend you against hotness, coldness, wind, rain, snow....

You can go to following website to check the weather HERE 

Second thing you would like to prepare is all the documents you have to use during your stay abroad. Obviously, the passport is most important thing. however, when you land on your destination city, you would need to get other legal documents required. Chinese government stipulates that all the foreigners came to China have to registered in the police station to get  the legal residence. You need to bring documents including your passport, apartment rental contract to the nearest police station to finish your registration procedure. Check more information, please click HERE

OK, now you've already got your legal documents for staying here.

let's explore more about this country and the city - first, we can start from HERE. check something about Beijing.