Internship- Beijing in My Eyes

Still in Europe!

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As for someone from the Eastern part of Europe or specifically from the Balkans, visiting China is a bit extraordinary trip. Statistically, I think that more Macedonians have died from accidentally thrown brick, than have visited China.  However, when they hear about China, I’m sure that at least two things come across their minds – it is a communist country and it is rapidly developing. Different enough! OK, maybe one more thing they might have heard recently - the pollution in Beijing. 

People from the Balkans, tend to circulate around. They know the terrain, but of course the economic factors should not be underestimated as well. If you want a well-paid job or a good education you go to the Western Europe, or if you want to go on a vacation - South Europe is a safe bet. Everything more is a bit peculiar.

Igor in China

 As I’m used to traveling, and thanks to the international    surrounding I have experienced during my studies in London, I must say that I was not very anxious about visiting China. I was already familiar with people’s habits and lifestyle. On the other hand, the Chinese I met during my studies don’t represent the  relevant sample of an average Chinese. Even though I had contacts with many Chinese, I must say that I have never had any experience with the country itself. Moreover, it was my first trip to Asia and I really didn’t know what to expect there.However, I didn’t think twice when I was accepted to do an internship in Beijing. My motives were primary from the professional aspect, and I didn’t think too much for any other aspect.

OK,I’m in China now, first impressions?

First thing I have noticed in China is that everything is huge. The airport is big, so when you land, you have a feeling that you are the only one coming to China, the streets are spacious,the buildings tall. Also as I have been to London and New York, I must say that in comparison with the Western metropolises,people here are less stressed and calmer. Everything is slower here. People don’t rush like in London or New York,people don’t have to have a lunch in 10 or 15 minutes, but also  you don’t need to expect you will be served or treated like in USA. They still don’t have the Western standards, but that can be a charming too.They are not unhelpful or mean, they are just spontaneous and maybe honest. This means that they can easily laugh at your face for asking something in English.

Dance in BeijingRestaurant in Beijing

One thing that is obviously different from the Europeans countries is the food. In my point of view, Chinese are very health conscious, unlike Europeans or Americans. They tend to eat healthy food and barely some fast food.You can find here variety of food which an average European have not seen in his life.

Overall, I really enjoy my time here in Beijing. Like in every metropolis, you can find various lifestyles, things to do, places to visit. There is a choice for everyone,whether you want to eat in a western styled restaurant or in a small cheap local place. It is up to you whether you want to spend your nights in expensive “foreign friendly” clubs or in a mixed dive bars.You still have a choice. Beijing is the place where I want to be now and I’m cherishing the opportunity to have an experience like this.

Food in BeijingFood in Beijing