Chinese Culture-Calligraphy

Chinese Culture-CalligraphyChinese calligraphy is an Oriental tradition rooted in centuries of practice. It is an art of turning square Chinese characters into expressive images by the responsiveness of rice paper and speed and pressure of a pointed Chinese brush.

Chinese Culture-CalligraphyWhat is Brush Calligraphy? Brush calligraphy is the stylistic application of your paint. It is usually applied without overworking the paint once you have laid it on the canvas. Brush calligraphy can be instinctive as an outgrowth of your style, or an intentional approach controlled by you to strengthen the composition and design of your painting. What your brush calligraphy shouldn't be is haphazard. In other words, a conscious approach to your brush application is always preferable to an unconscious one. It is often an effective way of intensifying passages of interest and design. This approach is overlooked by many artists who restrict their thinking in terms of color and value.


Chinese Culture-CalligraphyMany times brush calligraphy is the reason a small sketch has more life than a larger studio painting. The quality of a stroke you can make with the flick of your wrist becomes a challenge to reproduce on a larger scale where the effort of your whole arm is needed to gain the same outcome. When you consider the relationship between the sizes of the stroke, relative to the size of the canvas, you will understand the challenge when using a large enough brush with adequate paint for the result you wish to accomplish.

 Chinese Culture-CalligraphyPaint strokes are not just about direction or size. Consider the thickness of the application. When thicker passages of paint are applied to a painting surface you create a sculptural effect. The combination of all these effects take your painting beyond the idea of reproducing what you see, providing the viewer with layers of interest beyond the initial two dimensional image and your ability to render it. A purposeful approach to your brushwork helps makes your painting a forceful statement.