Life in China (Beijing) - Transportation

Living costs:
Bus : 1 RMB
Subway : 2 RMB

Chinese Restaurant: start from 20 RMB sharing food

TAXI: Beijing TaxiDay time: 10 RMB first 3 km + 2 RMB for any additional km + 2 or 3 RMB (Oil tax, in addition to the rate)

.Night time: 11 RMB first 3 km + 3 RMB for any additional km + 2 or 3 RMB (Oil tax, in addition to the rate). Any rate depend also from the traffic.

Black Taxis: It’s not rare that some people work with a normal car as taxi drivers. They don’t have a license and they negotiate the price. We suggest you to avoid this kind of taxis especially at the beginning of your experience in China. Your Chinese language will be not good enough to negotiate the price therefore some of them could try to cover you more money.

PomboPombo: a cross between car and motorcycle. You can find this strange car in any part of the town. It’s normally cheaper than a taxi but you should be good to negotiate the price.


Bar/Restaurant is from 10 RMB.
Tap water is not potable.


it’s very common in Beijing to use a bicycle. 

The price to buy a new one start from 200 RMB.

Weather  Beijing weather is characterized by its clear distinction of four seasons - short windy spring, long hot summer, cool pleasant autumn and long chilly winter. The hottest month is July and the coldest is January.Please find temperature details below:

Beijing Temperature

How to recognize fake money:

Like in every country also in China there is the problem of fake money. Thanks to the new technology is getting very hard to distinguish the difference.With these simple devices you will not have bad surprises

Fake Chinese Money

100 Yuan is the biggest note and the favorite for counterfeiters. How you can see we highlight 3 areas that you can check to see if the note is fake.
A. In this area you should see back light the  Chairman Mao Tse Tung (Mao Zedong) image
B. In this area the silver line should be very clear.
C. This area is the most important because cannot be counterfeit until now, testing here it should be rough to the touch.

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