Life in China (Beijing) - Club & Bar



Sanlitun is one of the best known and most popular areas in Beijing.

Located in Eastern Beijing in the Chaoyang District, it is the perfect place to enjoy shopping during the day and party during the night.

Bar Street

It’s the heart of Sanlitun where many foreign people start to party. It’s crowdy every day and during the weekend even more.


Vics ClubVics is not the most sophisticated nightclub. Nevertheless, it has remained a favorite with the young crowd for many years now, which makes it some sort of institution. The tunes are mostly standard R&B and hip-hop, there’s an infamous ladies night on Wednesdays (free drinks for women until midnight), and weekends see it rammed with the footloose and fancy free. If you can’t score here, you should give up trying. Entry is free from Monday to Thursday; located inside the Workers Stadium north gate.

(Lonely Planet)

Mix Club


This Workers’ Stadium-area club offers a mix of blinged out babes and local wannabe G’s packed wall-to-wall on the dance floor seven days a week whilst the house DJ spins radio-friendly hip-hop, with the occasional touring DJ headlining.Mix Club If you would like to meet and have party with local people, this is the right place because is more tailored for the local Chinese taste.

Juicy Spot

Juicy SpotNot a huge place but the best play to have party during the week. Monday and Wednesday you can drink for free until 3 am. Juicy Spot includes a centuries-old 20-meter fishing boat that has been converted into the bar itself. Clientele sip delicious Caribbean cocktails and more than 14 varieties of imported tequila. Recently they have renovated the local and looks even better.

Salsa Caribe

It’s a very fun place. The only place in town where people actually come to dance. The place is roomy and has a decent sized dance floor which is rarely too crowded, which is a big plus in Beijing. 

Hou Hai

Hou Hai

The night in Hou Hai is another ideal heaven, it gives you a different feeling compared to daytime. Lying in this picturesque lake surrounded by eateries, bars and shops it's very comfortable, you are staying in a Xanadu like retreat which is a small town with river in mid of Beijing city.Hou HaiIf you don’t like to drink anything or to stay in one site, walking by the river is another wonderful way to spend the night. Cool breezes kiss your face while you are looking at the flashing lights sparkling from bars and the bustling crowds by river, listening to guitar sounds floating from a far distance.


WodaokouWudaokou is a neighbourhood in the Haidian district in North West Beijing, approximately 10 km from the city centre between the fourth and fifth ring roads. The area is extremely popular for international students. Close by are the Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing University and Tsinghua University. The areas popularity with local and international students is highlighted by the high number of bars and clubs that generally offer cheaper drinks prices compared to other popular districts of Beijing’s nightlife scene. We will suggest below some of the most famous Club in this area.


Propaganda is one of the Beijing's hottest new nightclubs. Two floors are full with the party people in the weekends. Main floor is a great place to have some drinks and meet new friends since it is more like a lounge. Downstairs is the place for crazy dance people. Once you have come inside you will feel like turning it up a notch and kicking into the party mode.

Wu Club

Wu Club     If you want a good bar with cheap drinks and plenty of space to dance. This new club answers on both counts. The bar and dance floor are wisely divided, meaning you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while you drink, before going crazy downstairs. Drinks average around RMB 25, though there’s beer for just RMB 10 – perfect for the local student crowd.


More or less a copy of neighboring club Propaganda, this Wudaokou hangout attracts students and locals looking to know new people. Under the flickering lights of a single disco ball, crowds of young people bounce to hip-hop while drinking away the school-day worries on a budget.