Internship China / [20130172]Assistant Teacher, Performing

[20130172]Assistant Teacher, Performing
Starting date:
3 - 6 months
Internship description:

The company was founded in 2010, supported by one of the most famous directors in china. It is professionally aimed at young children’s English and drama education. The whole English teaching environment and drama teaching model have received a highly-reorganization and warm welcome from the parents and children. This idea of “guide children to learn English through drama” is getting more and more popular in Chinese early English market. As the bellwether of this idea, this company has established cooperation with many key schools in Beijing, and has made some proud success.

Based on the idea, the company arranged a complete theory and course in order to help children on their ability to use English, ability to communicate with others, confidence and positive attitude in life. Now we are looking for passionate people who would like to spend a wonderful period of time with children in china. Come and join us!

Internship description:

1.      Plan and conduct appropriate Performing Arts (drama, music, dance, arts) classes for children of ages 2 years to 6 years.

2.      Prepare curriculum, props and materials appropriate for classes.

3.      Communicate and work closely with parents for child development and engagement.

4.      Support and collaborate with other teachers to enhance programs and development.


1.        Able to read/write in English preferable.

2.        Interested in English education.

3.        Possess music/drama/dancing qualification or knowledge to teach.

4.        Ability to work independently as well as in teams.

5.        Have a cheerful disposition and a passion to engage children in their learning.

6.        Confident, outgoing, active, willing to communicate.