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Chinese training

Learning Chinese

Intensive 20 courses

This schedule is most suitable for those who want the best results in the shortest time, and as well as have a fixed daytime learning schedule. 

Intensive 20 Courses details:
- Designed for those students who are eager to enrich their Chinese in a short time.
- Students are always amazed at how fast they learn.
- Focus on listening, speaking&reading.
- 20 group lessons per week.
- 50-minutes per lesson.
- 9:00-13:00 or 13:00-17:00 from Mon. to Fri;
- Maximum 5 students.

General private class 

This schedule is most suitable for those who plan to take an internship/work in China, no daytime learning schedule, but have a fixed night time or weekend learning schedule.
-4 lessons per week.
-50-minutes per lesson.
-The most effective and flexible way to learn Chinese.
-Preferred class schedule and location.
-Tailor-make learning proposal.