1) What type of internship placements can be found?

We and our local partners work with a large number of companies and offers placements in many different fields, such as: IT, Communications, Business, Engineering,Education, Hospitality, Architecture, Finance, Tourism, Real Estate,Consulting, Law and much more.

2) Where are the internships and can I choose where I will be placed?

Internship placements are located throughout.  We encourage participants to ask for a specific industry and we try our best to meet your preferences, but please keep in mind that we can only make placements according to companies’ availability and acceptance. The more flexible you are about the location, the better. Please note that major cities (i.e.: Beijing and Shanghai) are more competitive within their workforce, so they prefer more experienced and longer term candidates.

However, we will do our best to meet your location and field preferences, and encourage you to keep an open mind and be flexible for your internship.

3) Where can I live?

We will pre-arrange your accommodations prior to your arrival in China.  Our program fees include a shared room or home stay  (we also help you to find a private apartment).  All accommodations are modern with Western facilities. Most are equipped with telephones, TV, hot water, and an internet connection.  Kitchen and bathroom areas are shared with other residents of the apartments.

4) How long can I intern in China?

The program minimum is one month and can last for up to ten months. Please note that most employers prefer to train and retain their interns for a longer period of time versus shorter. If you are interested in interning for longer than six months,please contact us for pricing and availability.

5) What type of visa assistance do we provide?

For programs shorter than three months, an L visa (tourist visa) should be sufficient.  For programs longer than three months, interns will need to acquire an F visa, or a business visa.

This will require an invitation letter from your internship company, which we will help arrange. Visa requirements and restrictions change frequently, so please check with your local Chinese embassy to learn about current requirements.  

Please note that any visa fees and applications are the responsibility of the applicant.  And, while we can assist you during the process, ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained the appropriate visa for your work experience.

6) What are the language requirements?

Chinese language skills are helpful but not required for internship positions.  The program includes up to 4 hours of lessons a week to enhance your language skills during your internship placement.  If you would like to take intensive Chinese language classes before your internship begins, please just let our representative know and we will be happy to arrange this for you. 

7) What are the working conditions?

Your work schedule will be assigned by your employer, but you will typically work 30-35 hours a week. 

Each employer has its own working and schedule arrangement that you should be willing to accept. Of course you are encouraged to travel, but please consult with your employer to see if you can organize a schedule that will be effective for all parties involved. 

8) Will my internship be paid?

As with many things, this will depend on the company for which you are interning.  Many companies provide a small stipend, which is really more of a “living allowance” that should help you with daily expenses. Some companies do not provide a salary, especially for positions less than three months or if the applicant does not have many qualifications.  You will receive details on the salary available once your placement has been confirmed.   

9) What should I wear or bring to China?

This depends on your field of interest and job. We recommend that you dress with a‘smart casual’ attitude.

10) Can I intern and/or live with a friend or partner?

Yes, you can enroll in this program with other people, however, please note that positions may be limited within a company. If we cannot find you an internship together with the same employer, we will try our best to organize your placements in the same area. We can arrange your accommodations together in a double occupancy, or organize single rooms in the same area. Additionally, we encourage you to travel and explore your world with others. This enhances your experience and memories, and you can be rewarded for referring others to travel on a CE program.

11) How long will it take to make my placement?

We ask applicants to apply at least 4 weeks in advanced of your desired start date.The placement may take less time than this, but we want to ensure that we have enough time to find a great placement for you!

12) What can I do if I have a problem or complaint within my work placement?

You must speak to your employer or manager to give them an opportunity to explain or investigate the situation. If the complaint still exists, then please contact your bi-lingual local representative in China, as well as let us know so we can mediate on your behalf.  Please note that you will be assigned a local representative that will provide you with placement report(s) and end of the program evaluation.

13) Why should I pay to intern abroad, and where does my money go?

We and our local partners in China specialize in arranging a guaranteed internship placement, housing prior to your departure. This will alleviate the troubles and stress of getting everything organized in a new country, so you will have more time and energy to spend on your internship and living abroad. Your time abroad will still be an independent and memorable one, but we are here to guide you to a safe, healthy and comfortable experience before, during, and after your adventure. Your program fee includes your customized internship placement, comfortable housing, and Chinese lessons.

14) Is there someone I may speak to about their experience on this program,and being abroad?

Yes, we have a network of current and past travelers that are happy to communicate with you. Due to confidentiality, please contact us to receive a list of names and contact information about participants and alumni that have agreed to be contacted by others.

15) How many people have taken part in our programs? Where do they come from?
So far, the Beijing Auchan has welcomed more than a thousand people from no less than 38 different countries, namely Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium,Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Congo, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, France,Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania,Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland,Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden,Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey and the USA.
16) What are normal working hours?
Normal working hours also depend on your Chinese classes, e.g. if you have Chinese classes from 8 am to 10 am, your working hours are from about 10.30 am- 18.00 pm
17) What kinds of internships are available?
Depending on your qualification and preferences we will search for the best possible match. We can offer you anything from internships in small start-ups to internships in multinational corporations. 

18) How can I benefit by participating in your internship China program?

China is booming and there are many opportunities within the country and for foreign trade with businesses in China. An international internship in China offers you the opportunity to understand the business environment and understand the perspectives of Chinese culture. If you wish to work, a paid internship abroad is a great opportunity to prove your qualifications to potential employers who are willing to train interns. Of course, adding work experience in China will be an impressive addition to your resume no matter where your career takes you. And, in addition to professional experience,a China internship is one of the best ways to study Chinese in China.