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Exchange Program

High School Exchange Program China is a private school program offered to international students / schools who are interested in a quality Chinese high school exchange experience while living with an Chinese host family.

Host schools give BEP Participants the chance to interact with their peers in asocial setting. They provide a place where students can share, learn and reflect on their experiences. Teachers and other students also benefit from the opportunity to bond with someone from a different culture. Exchange students bring a fresh perspectives and valuable insights, which can help their hosting schools share intercultural skills and knowledge with all students.

Since participants spend a large portion of their time in the classroom, the educational environments at these schools are especially important to the success of the BEP school-based exchange programs. BEP Staff work with host schools to arrange placements, provide materials and to make the most of the opportunities and challenges that come with hosting a student.

Want to join one of our exchange program, please send the email to info@bj-euros.com.