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Name : Tony Trak
Country : Gabonese

   大龙' s Internship Tony Trak in China Living in Beijing has undoubtedly been the most rewarding experience of my entire life.
Before heading to China, I had been to various locations around the world, such as Africa, where I spent over 16 years and as well as my entire childhood, North America, Europe and the Middle-East.My global travels have over the years increased my understanding of the world and accelerated my cultural awareness. To me, home is where the heart is, and here in Beijing I really do feel that the integrity of values that were taught to me through my cultural and educational I absolutely love heading to one of the many parks on the weekend and watch enthusiastic crowds perform beautiful traditional dances, play enchanting instruments, or at times even invite me to take part in their various activities!  
Throughout these numerous travels, I had seen all kinds of things, ranging from underdeveloped and emerging countries to ultra-modern cities and more importantly, to differentiate how different societies differed in defining both the terms ‘success’ and ‘happiness’. Choosing China as a destination to pursue my education background are all combined in this beautiful city. The profound exploration of historical and contemporary environments, the mix between ancient and modern civilization, the warm acceptance of cultural differences, the ability to easily engage communications with strangers anywhere at any time, the deep interest in the oral and written language, the ability to depend on oneself solely, to be honest and true to people and know that they will always return these warm sentiments to you,  or even to live simply and accept that comfort is not important are just few of these values and the list goes on.

     The residents all have a warm and welcoming heart, and will always spread their wide wings to foreigners who are interested in the Chinese culture and traditions.“Why China?” , people often ask me. One of the primary reasons that convinced me to travel to China, a first in the Asian continent, was simply related to the fact that the vast majority of my friends since my childhood are Chinese. I have always been surrounded by true and honest Chinese friends; and my interest in China and the Chinese culture had gradually increased as the years passed. In fact, during my stay in Paris, where I spent two years preceding my arrival in Beijing, I usually traveled to other French cities through Chinese tours. Tony Trak in ChinaI evidently were with one Chinese friend, but that does not eliminate the fact that I was the only non-Chinese in the bus and the only one who had a hard time understanding the guide’s explanations and information.
    For instance, during my last tour before coming to China, I visited a popular zoo named "Zoo parc de Beauval" in which a small Chinese village was built integrally to welcome a Giant Panda that was rented from China. Today, it is an honor and a wonderful opportunity to be typing this text from the heart of Beijing, and I know that the best is definitely yet to come. Yes, as my linguistic skills and communicative abilities will increase, my experience with local residents will be even more enriching.
   In addition, hearing Chinese conversations integrally on a daily basis have since my arrival slowly but surely been increasing my Chinese vocabulary. Living here truly is a fantastic chance to learn the Chinese language and to practice it every day At first, I must admit that it was a little awkward to communicate without understanding anything nor being understood; I used to perform some strange or at times ridiculous hand gestures to try to make my point across.  People looked at me in a weird facial expression, but it was funny nonetheless.
   However, after a month a half, I am glad to finally see results and today can happily say that I can make a few basic and fun phrases despite still having issues with the accent. Never before have I had the chance to be in a country where the language had been a major communicative barrier.
   In fact, my ultimate goal and present plan is to stay in China for as long as I possibly could, and later on to eventually settle and work here. Traveling within China is another incredible and rewarding experience. China is a fascinating country with so much variety and diversity with each city being filled with fabulous history and scenery. In addition, a number of solutions are offered to travelers, ranging from the slow and uncomfortable night-train to the modern and ultra-fast bullet train.
   Other choices evidently include the bus and the airplane. I myself have visited some cities; for instance I have recently taken the night-train to Shanghai.Tony Trak in ChinaThe bus to Suzhou as well as the bus to Hangzhou. I have yet to experience the bullet-train but I might in fact take it a week from now to visit Tianjin. To me, living in China has reminded me how wonderful it is to live simply and always feel content with the little I possess; sentiments and values I had almost lost during my stay in France due to their different mindset. I am so glad to have found the place I could spent the rest of my life living and working in.
   Furthermore, living in China is affordable, despite at times being asked for six or seven times the price of a particular item due to being a foreigner. However, to handle these situations that I have also encountered In Africa of in the Middle-East, I simply jump in and take part in their game by using my limited Chinese proficiency language to bargain. It really is a funny experience and very rewarding as I not only manage to successfully obtain my discounts but also puts smiles on both my and the seller’s faces.
   Restaurants could be found anywhere, and for the most part are inexpensive and really good. There is so much variety in the Chinese cuisine, but my personal favorite has to be the "Baozi". My record at the moment is eating 36 "baozi" on my own.
   Moreover, Beijing is certainly the safest city I have ever lived in. Lastly, you will find more or less, depending on the city, restaurants and supermarkets that are open 24/7.Regarding the negative part of living here, I would say that the pollution in Beijing in omnipresent but could be less in other cities. However, having lived in polluted cities in other parts of the world, it really is not much of an annoyance to me. At times I do wish to look up in the sky at night and see stars and the moon rather than thick layers of smoke.

I would like to conclude with two friendly advices to future incomers:

1)       Don’t even think about rivaling Sherry at Karaoke, she’s sings too well and always wins! Overall my experience with Beijing Auchan since my arrival has been filled with positive feedback and personal assistance at anytime. They have helped me settle, found me an apartment, dealt with banking issues, took me out and showed me the essentials of life in Beijing and more.

2)       Come with an open mind and most importantly, be patient.