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Name: Zach Fenton
Country: United States

   I am delighted to have had the opportunity to spend my summer break in China. I have gained so many essential skills and experiences. My intention to come to China was on behalf of a job posting in the area of an internship. I have previously done an Internship in Israel where I worked in an elementary school with students of disabilities, but this time I was determined to take on a job in my area of specialty; economics.
Zach Fenton in China   Since I am a native English speaker, I was recruited right off the spot and accepted into the program. I had a sort of vague idea what company I was going to be stationed. I initially thought I would be doing something with economics in the area of international trade and banking as I indicated in my initial letter of inquiry.
   However, after a few job interviews, I was awarded a position in an office that is in the information technology industry specializing in home and commercial lighting audio visual control systems.My first task and my biggest challenge were being aware of my communication skills including speaking English in a clear, steady pace. While remembering to talk slow, I was given several tasks on my job including, researching the company, learning about the industry, the competitors, and finding products and clients to expand the company’s presence.
   In addition to doing research for the company, I had many opportunities to job shadow colleagues, attend Chinese business meetings, and experience the Chinese night life.
   In addition to the social life experience in China, IZach Fenton at The Great Wall  had the opportunity to do some traveling to places   such as the Great Wall, The Summer Palace, and Tiananmen Square. I wish I would have more flexibility to travel to other provinces, but given my budget and my time constraint it is rather unlikely to happen. All these benefits were a superb surprise and an experience that I would have likely not  otherwise have had if I would have stayed in my home country building my career. I really thank Beijing Auchan for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime experience!