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Name: Stephanie
Country: Austria

   Coming to Beijing for an internship was actually a quite short term decision. That’s the reason why I and my sister weren't even prepared for anything. I knew I would encounter a city totally Different with Vienna, the capital where I live. But being far away from hometown plus gaining new working experience was exactly what we were longing for.  I got through an Austrian website, which offers jobs especially for students, in touch with the agency Beijing Auchan.
    I read about many job offers abroad but Beijing somehow immediately caught my attention. I study Tourism & Event management,that's why I chose an internship in the hotel.Stephanie in ChinaI am really glad about the hotel the agency brought me to. I am here in Beijing for more than a month now, tomorrow is going to be my last working day in the hotel.
   Realizing I will leave this beautiful city and its people makes me sad of course, but happy at the same time I had the opportunity of being part of Beijing.It surprises me that I haven't even thought for a second of my hometown despite the fact that it is my first time abroad for more than one month. 
   I really feel like home here in Beijing. You will never feel alone in this city, there are so many people from all over the world you will get to know through sharing the same experience like you.I got to admit that the first week after touched down in Beijing was the worst.
   I didn't expect that it might be hard adapting to this culture, because it wasn't my first time in China. Without the helping hand of the agency I and my sister would have been lost. Besides ni hao, we both couldn't speak a word mandarin, which led to the biggest shock of all - being surrounded by local people who didn't even understand a word we say. Using the public transport at the beginning was a nightmare.  But fortunately I got used to it (I even enjoy it now) after one week by telling myself I will consider this communication struggle as a challenge, and by learning everyday one mandarin sentence, taught by my super-friendly and patient colleagues, I overcame this communication barrier.
 Stephanie in China   To my surprise i really like learning this language, it isn't difficult at all besides the pronunciation, and teaching my colleagues English back was amusing as well.In our free time we used to go to the city center of Beijing with its impressively huge buildings. We are overwhelmed by Beijing's old history background and by the city's modern touch at the same time. I'm definitely contemplating going back to Beijing. I'm pretty sure there is so much more to discover, and inspiring people we will meet in future.
I will keep all these wonderful and unforgettable memories in my mind.