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Name : Siemeni Laurette
Country : Cameroon

   I'm just so excited writing my testimony, I really want to tell you guys that having an internship  in china, is one of the most beautiful life experience. Firstly I will love to thank Beijing Auchan Transcom Technology company, for their warm welcoming and the nice stay I had in China. I did internship  with Beijing Auchan and for some months, and it was so nice, really pretty cool. I learned so many things and I was so blessed to have a wonderful manager.
   They have been there each time I needed them and living china was like leaving a family behind me and I promised to be back because I can’t wait to have another experience.I have so much to say that if I continue I may write a whole book just invite you guys from all the four corners of the world to come and experience China with Beijing Auchan Technology Company.
    A life , A friend , An Internship ,A Sky , and An Experience……Come and please don’t come alone. Remember Two is better than One.

Name: Oyuka
Country: Mongolia

   First of all, i would like to say how interesting it was for me to work with Chinese company with Chinese people. It was really a whole new experience to me. I have learn a lot of things just simply spending time with them working with them. They are such friendly and hardworking people. When i first started doing my internship, i have to say, it was hard for me to get adjusted to the work itself since it was really new field for me. It was a Record label, i had a very few knowledge about how the whole thing operates, and specially in china things might be a bit different depending on the music market, and people's interest on music etc. As for living in Beijing, i really enjoy it. There are many places where you can socialize and meet new people since it is a place for tons of foreign students as well as workers. And more more Chinese people could speak really good English these days.After this internship i am planning on going for another one in different field. And i would like to thank Beijing Auchan for making my wishes come true.